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The episode of the 1972 BBC anthology series The Edwardians about Conan Doyle centres on his involvement in the Edajli case. Written by Jeremy Paul and directed by Brian Farnham, it stars Nigel Davenport as Conan Doyle, Sam Dastor as George Edalji, and Renu Setna as the Reverend Edalji.

Julian Barnes's 2005 novel Arthur & George (ISBN 0-224-07703-1) recounts the entire episode in great detail, as does the non-fiction work Conan Doyle and the Parson's Son: The George Edalji Case (ISBN 1843862417). A new non-fiction book, Outrage: The Edalji Five and the Shadow of Sherlock Holmes by Roger Oldfield (ISBN 978 184386 601 5), sets the case within the context of the wider life-stories of the Edalji family as a whole.

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