George Edalji

George Edalji

George Ernest Thompson Edalji (March 1876 – 17 June 1953) was a solicitor from the West Midlands who became world-famous in 1907 when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle campaigned to have him declared innocent of maliciously wounding a pony in 1903.

Edalji was the eldest of the three children of Shapurji Edalji and Charlotte Edalji (née Stoneham). His father was of Indian descent (a Parsi of Bombay), and his mother English (not Scottish as in Julian Barnes's novel Arthur & George). Edalji became a solicitor in Birmingham, England, in 1898. He had proved to be a capable student during law school, and won prizes from the Law Society. He wrote the book Railway Law for the "Man in the train", which was "intended as a guide for the Travelling Public".

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