Who is adrienne rich?

Adrienne Rich

National Book Award
Bollingen Prize

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Famous quotes containing the words adrienne rich, adrienne and/or rich:

    Now, again, poetry
    violent, arcane, common,
    hewn of the commonest living substance
    into archway, portal, frame
    I grasp for you, your bloodstained splinters, your
    ancient and stubborn poise
    Mas the earth trembles—
    burning out from the grain
    Adrienne Rich (b. 1929)

    To be revolutionary is to be original, to know where we came from, to validate what is ours and help it to flourish, the best of what is ours, of our beginnings, our principles, and to leave behind what no longer serves us.
    Ines Hernandez, U.S. Chicana political activist. As quoted in What Is Found There, ch. 28, by Adrienne Rich (1993)

    Love casts the mighty from their thrones,
    promotes the insecure,
    leaves hungry spirits satisfied,
    the rich seem suddenly poor.
    Miriam Therese Winter (20th century)