Gallo can mean:

  • related to Gaul, as in Gallo-Roman culture
  • Gallo language, a regional language of France
  • Gallo-Romance, a branch of Romance languages
  • Gallo-Italic or Gallo-Italian language, a branch spoken in Northern Italy of the Romance languages
  • Gallo-Italic of Sicily, a group of Gallo-Italic dialects spoken in central-eastern Sicily
  • Gallo-Iberian languages, a branch of Romance languages
  • Gallo-Brittonic, the common aspects between Celtic Gaul and Celtic Britain
  • Gallo-Roman religion, a fusion of the traditional religious practices of the Gauls and the Roman and Hellenistic religions
  • Italian and Spanish word for Rooster
  • Gallo (beer), from Guatemala
  • Gallo Matese, a commune of 761 inhabitants in the province of Caserta, Italy
  • Gällö, a locality situated in Bräcke Municipality, Jämtland County, Sweden
  • Gallo Record Company, a South African record label
  • The Gallo river, a tributary of the Tagus
  • San Gallo, Italian name for St. Gallen
  • nickname for Italian basketball player Danilo Gallinari of the Denver Nuggets
  • A Spanish slang word for marijuana.

Gallo is also a surname and can refer to:

  • American gangsters:
    • Albert Gallo, one of the "Gallo brothers"
    • Joe Gallo, one of the "Gallo brothers"
    • Joseph N. Gallo, consiglieri of the Gambino crime family
    • Larry Gallo, one of the "Gallo brothers"
  • Anna Maria Gallo, better known as Mary Frances of the Five Wounds of Jesus, Italian saint
  • Armando Gallo, an Italian journalist and photographer
  • Bill Gallo, cartoonist and columnist for the New York Daily News
  • Carla Gallo, U.S. actress
  • Dean Gallo, U.S. congressman
  • Diego Gallo, a Uruguayan swimmer
  • Domenico Gallo, an Italian composer and violinist whose works are sometimes mistakenly attributed to Pergolesi.
  • E & J Gallo Winery, founded in 1933
    • Ernest Gallo, co-founder
    • Julio Gallo, co-founder
    • Joseph Edward Gallo, brother of Ernest and Julio Gallo
  • Fortune Gallo, impresario of the San Carlo Opera Company
  • George Gallo, an American film producer
  • Mario Gallo, an Italian born Argentine film director
  • Max Gallo, a French author who wrote a series of novels based on the life of Napoleon I of France
  • Marielle Gallo, a French Member of the European Parliament
  • Melissa Gallo, now uses the name Melissa Fumero
  • Robert Gallo, a retrovirus expert famous for his co-discovery of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS
  • Vincent Gallo, a film director
  • Samuel Sarfati, physician to Pope Julius II, known as Gallo
Popular culture
  • Boss Gallo, the Gungan hero and ancestor of Boss Nass who united the Gungan tribes 3000 years before Star Wars: Episode I
  • Cordelia Gallo, the mother of Victorica from Gosick

Famous quotes containing the word gallo:

    Socialism can only arrive by bicycle.
    —José Antonio Viera Gallo (b. 1943)