Fraction may also mean:

  • Fraction (mathematics), one of more equal parts of something, e.g. three out of four equal quarters, written as 3/4
  • Algebraic fraction, an indicated division in which the divisor, or both dividend and divisor, are algebraic expressions
  • Fraction (chemistry), a quantity of a substance collected by the separation process known as fractionation
  • Fraction (religion), the ceremonial act of breaking the bread during Christian Communion
  • Fraction (politics), a parliamentary party
  • Fraction (comics), a short-lived comic about the theft of a powersuit
  • Fractional (ownership), a reference to property timeshare
  • Matt Fraction, a comic book author
  • Promazine, an antipsychotic medication known by the trade name Fraction
  • Fraction Fever, a 1983 educational video game

Famous quotes containing the word fraction:

    The visual is sorely undervalued in modern scholarship. Art history has attained only a fraction of the conceptual sophistication of literary criticism.... Drunk with self-love, criticism has hugely overestimated the centrality of language to western culture. It has failed to see the electrifying sign language of images.
    Camille Paglia (b. 1947)

    The mother as a social servant instead of a home servant will not lack in true mother duty.... From her work, loved and honored though it is, she will return to her home life, the child life, with an eager, ceaseless pleasure, cleansed of all the fret and fraction and weariness that so mar it now.
    Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860–1935)