Foy, as a person, may refer to:

  • Foy D. Kohler, American diplomat
  • brian d foy, American computer programmer and author
  • Bryan Foy, American film director and producer who was earlier one of the "Seven Little Foys"
  • Charles H. Foy, American Medal of Honor recipient
  • Chris Foy (actor), an Australian actor
  • Claire Foy (b. 1984), an English actress
  • Des Foy (b. 1963), an Irish rugby player
  • Eddie Foy (1856–1928), an American vaudeville actor and comedian, or his children, who were billed as the "Seven Little Foys"
  • Eddie Foy, Jr., American character actor who was earlier one of the "Seven Little Foys"
  • Fred Foy, an American actor and voice performer
  • Keith Foy, an Irish footballer
  • Kevin Foy, an American mayor
  • Kylie Foy (b. 1971), a New Zealand field hockey player
  • Laura Foy (b. 1976), an American television host
  • Mary Foy, an American librarian
  • Mathilda Foy (1813–1869), Swedish philanthropist
  • Matt Foy (b. 1983), a Canadian ice hockey player
  • Maximilien Sebastien Foy (1775–1825), a French military leader, statesman and writer
  • Peter Foy (1925–2005), an English stage-flight-effects specialist
  • Robbie Foy (b. 1985), a Scottish footballer
  • Vincent Foy (fl. late 20th century), Canadian Catholic cleric

Foy, as a place, may refer to:

  • Foy, Belgium, a village in Belgium
  • Foy, Herefordshire, a hamlet in England
  • Slieve Foy, a mountain near Carlingford, County Louth, Ireland
  • Foy Provincial Park, a provincial park in Ontario, Canada

Foy may also refer to:

  • Betty Foy, a character in William Wordsworth's The Idiot Boy
  • Prix Foy, a French horse race
  • Brand name of Gabexate mesilate, used for treatment of pancreatitis