Formalism may refer to:

  • Form (disambiguation)
  • Formal (disambiguation)
  • Legal formalism, legal positivist view that the substantive justice of a law is a question for the legislature rather than the judiciary
  • Formalism (linguistics)
  • Scientific formalism
  • Formalism (philosophy), that there is no transcendent meaning to a discipline other than the literal content created by a practitioner
    • Religious formalism, an emphasis on the ritual and observance of religion, rather than its meaning.
    • Formalism (mathematics), that statements of mathematics and logic can be thought of as statements about the consequences of certain string manipulation rules.
    • Formalism (art), that a work's artistic value is entirely determined by its form
      • Formalism (music)
      • Formalist film theory, focused on the formal, or technical, elements of a film
      • Formalism (literature)
        • Russian formalism, school of literary criticism in Russia from the 1910s to the 1930s

Famous quotes containing the word formalism:

    It is sentimentalism to assume that the teaching of life can always be fitted to the child’s interests, just as it is empty formalism to force the child to parrot the formulas of adult society. Interests can be created and stimulated.
    Jerome S. Bruner (20th century)