Foreign Service

Foreign Service may refer to:

  • Diplomatic service, the body of diplomats and foreign policy officers maintained by the government of a country
  • United States Foreign Service, the diplomatic service of the United States government
  • Indian Foreign Service, the diplomatic service of India
  • Her Majesty's Diplomatic Service, the diplomatic service of the United Kingdom, and specifically the organisation which ran the Foreign Office in London before amalgamation with the Diplomatic Service in 1918

Famous quotes containing the words foreign and/or service:

    For most visitors to Manhattan, both foreign and domestic, New York is the Shrine of the Good Time. “I don’t see how you stand it,” they often say to the native New Yorker who has been sitting up past his bedtime for a week in an attempt to tire his guest out. “It’s all right for a week or so, but give me the little old home town when it comes to living.” And, under his breath, the New Yorker endorses the transfer and wonders himself how he stands it.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)

    In the service of Caesar, everything is legitimate.
    Pierre Corneille (1606–1684)