Fenner may mean:

  • Frank Fenner (1914–2010), Australian scientist
  • Arthur Fenner (1745–1805), Rhode Island governor
  • Dudley Fenner (c. 1558–1587), Puritan minister
  • James Fenner (1771–1846), Rhode Island governor, son of Arthur
  • Shelby Fenner (b. 1978), actress
  • Terrence Fenner (b. 1992), video game reviewer and gamer


  • Fenner Hall, a hall of residence at The Australian National University in Canberra, ACT.
  • Fenner, California
  • Fenner, New York


  • Fenner Investments, a limited liability company involved in patent litigation with Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and others
  • Fenner plc, a British-based manufacturer of industrial belting