ESS is the name of the Latin script letter S.

ESS may also refer to:

In computing:

  • Emacs Speaks Statistics, an add-on package for the Emacs editor
  • Electronic Speech Systems, a software company from Berkeley, USA that did synthesized speech for commercial home computer programs in the 80s, nowadays called ESS Technology
  • Ensoniq Soundscape, a soundcard produced by Ensoniq Corp.
  • Environmental stress screening, in electronic hardware tests
  • Enterprise Storage and Servers, part of the Technology Solutions Group business segment of Hewlett-Packard
  • IBM Enterprise Storage Server, is an enterprise storage array from IBM
  • Extended Service Set, in wireless networking
  • ESS Technology, Inc., a manufacturer of digital video and audio semiconductors
  • Efficient Subwindow Search, a method of image processing
  • Enterprise Support Systems, is a pack of IT systems which supports internal processes

In geography:

  • Enfield Station School, Enfield, Maine
  • Essex County, England (Chapman code)
  • European Standard School, an English Medium School in Dhaka

In government:

  • Economic System of Socialism, economic policy implemented in East Germany in the 1960s
  • European Security Strategy, a policy document of the European Union
  • Emergency Social Services program, under the Provincial Emergency Program, the emergency preparedness program in British Columbia, Canada

In telecommunications:

  • Electronic switching system, in telecommunications
  • Endemol Southern Star, acronym for the Australian television company
  • Electronic Safety and Security systems designer, BICSI Certification.


  • Eastern Sociological Society
  • Early Sound Scattering, a diffuse-fronted recording control room configuration
  • Employee Self Service, in SAP or human resource management system
  • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  • English Springer Spaniel, a breed of dog
  • Environmental and Social Studies
  • Epworth Sleepiness Scale, for diagnosing sleep disorders
  • Esther (disambiguation), diminutive of the given name Esther
  • Étoile Sportive du Sahel, Tunisian Football club
  • European Spallation Source a proposed neutron research facility
  • Explained sum of squares, in statistics
  • Eurest Support Services, a subsidiary of the catering company, the Compass Group
  • Evolutionarily stable strategy, in evolutionary biology and game theory
  • Existing Store Sales, also known as Same store sales
  • European social survey

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