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    Chief Inspector Dreyfus: What about the maid?
    Inspector Clouseau: The maid?
    Chief Inspector Dreyfus: Was he jealous of her, too? He strangled her.
    Inspector Clouseau: It’s possible that his intended victim was a man and he made a mistake.
    Chief Inspector Dreyfus: A mistake? In a nudist camp?
    Inspector Clouseau: Nobody’s perfect.
    —Blake Edwards (b. 1922)

    Inspector Clouseau: How long have you been a bellboy?
    Bellboy: Too long, monsieur.
    Inspector Clouseau: Keep up this good work and very soon I will see to it that you become a bellman.
    —Blake Edwards (b. 1922)

    Amy: I love good heavy metal.
    Zack: That’s impossible. That’s like saying I love good root canal.
    —Blake Edwards (b. 1922)