ECM - Business


  • Electronic Contract Manufacturing, a term related to the outsourcing of electronic assembly
  • Enterprise content management, a strategy in the information technology industry
  • Equity capital markets, a financial term
  • Emerging capital markets, a financial term
  • Engineering Change Management, a collection of procedures, tools, and guidelines for handling modifications and changes to released product design specifications

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Famous quotes containing the word business:

    In leaving the people’s business in their hands, we can not be wrong.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    My business is stanching blood and feeding fainting men; my post the open field between the bullet and the hospital. I sometimes discuss the application of a compress or a wisp of hay under a broken limb, but not the bearing and merits of a political movement. I make gruel—not speeches; I write letters home for wounded soldiers, not political addresses.
    Clara Barton (1821–1912)

    I have always had something to live besides a personal life. And I suspected very early that to live merely in an experience of, in an expression of, in a positive delight in the human cliches could be no business of mine.
    Margaret Anderson (1886–1973)