Leo or LEO may refer to:

  • LEO (computer), an electronic device
  • Leo (constellation), a section of the night sky
  • Leo (astrology), a sign of the zodiac
  • Leo (horse), an American Quarter Horse
  • LEO (spacecraft), a lunar mission
  • Leo (text editor), a computer program
  • LEO (website), a group of dictionaries
  • L.E.O., a music development project
  • The Leo, a Filipino basketball award
  • Law enforcement officer, an official
  • Low Earth orbit, a satellite path
  • Long-term Ecosystem Observatory, a marine study project
  • Leos, nickname for Canadian Football League's BC Lions

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Famous quotes containing the word leo:

    Leo: What was she, a TV groupie? A hooker?
    Rob: No, she was not a TV groupie, or a hooker. She’s a cellist. A very funny, pretty, interesting, intelligent, fabulous, vivacious cellist.
    Leo: Oh yeah, well, you’d better not see her again.
    Jonathan Reynolds, screenwriter. Leo (Richard Mulligan)

    A man in the house is worth two in the street.
    Mae West, U.S. actor, screenwriter, and Leo McCarey. Ruby Carter (Mae West)