Dwan may refer to:


  • Dwan Edwards (born 1981), American National League Football player
  • Allan Dwan (1885-1981), pioneering Canadian-born American film director, producer and screenwriter
  • Dorothy Dwan (1906-1981), American actress of the 1920s
  • Jack Dwan (1921-1993), American professional basketball player
  • John Dwan, one of the founders of the 3M corporation
    • John Dwan Office Building, Minnesota, United States
  • Kenny Dwan (born 1948), former British rower and Queen's Bargemaster
  • Lisa Dwan (born 1977), Irish actress
  • Tom Dwan (born 1986), American professional poker player

Other uses:

  • DWAN, a radio station in the Philippines
  • Jessica Lange's character in King Kong (1976 film)