A drink, or beverage, is a kind of liquid which is specifically prepared for human consumption. There are many groups for drinks. It can be divided into various groups such as plain water, alcohol, non alcoholic drinks, soft drinks (carbonated drinks), fruit or vegetable juices and hot drinks. In addition to fulfilling a basic need, drinks form part of the culture of human society.

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Famous quotes containing the word drink:

    But must I confess how I liked him,
    How glad I was he had come like a guest in quiet, to drink at my
    And depart peaceful, pacified, and thankless,
    Into the burning bowels of this earth?
    —D.H. (David Herbert)

    Waters above! Eternal springs!
    The dew that silvers the Dove’s wings!
    O welcome, welcome to the sad:
    Give dry dust drink, drink that makes glad!
    Many fair ev’nings, many flow’rs
    Sweetened with rich and gentle showers,
    Have I enjoyed,
    Henry Vaughan (1622–1695)

    Am here a Poet, that doth drink of life
    As lesser men drink wine.
    Ezra Pound (1885–1972)