DQ may stand for:

  • Disqualification (boxing)
  • Dairy Queen, a fast food chain
  • Dan Quayle, an American politician
  • Data quality
  • DQ (artist), a Danish singer, participant in Eurovision Song Contest 2007
  • Dragon Quest (formerly known as Dragon Warrior in North America), a series of console role-playing games created by Enix (now Square Enix)
  • DragonQuest, a role-playing game created by SPI
  • Drama Queen, see histrionic personality disorder
  • Dressage Queen, a stereotyped subgroup of horse enthusiast
  • the Jarvis Island FIPS PUB 10-4 territory code
  • a Human leukocyte antigen type HLA DQ encoded by the HLA DQA1 & DQB1 loci
  • The IATA code for Coastal Air Transport
  • Directory enquiries (Directory assistance), a service that provides telephone directory assistance
  • Double-ended queue