Don DeLillo - References in Popular Culture

References in Popular Culture

  • Paul Auster dedicated his books In the Country of Last Things and Leviathan to his friend Don DeLillo.
  • Ryan Boudinot and Neal Pollack contributed humor pieces to the journal McSweeney's satirizing DeLillo.
  • A fictionalized DeLillo blogs for The Onion.
  • Conor Oberst begins his song "Gold Mine Gutted" with "It was Don DeLillo, whiskey neat, and a blinking midnight clock."
  • Rhett Miller references Libra in his song "World Inside a World" saying, "I read it in DeLillo, like he'd written it for me." The phrase, "There is a world inside the world", appears multiple times in the book.
  • The band The Airborne Toxic Event takes its name from a chemical gas leak of the same name in DeLillo's White Noise.
  • Too Much Joy's song "Sort of Haunted House" from Mutiny is inspired by DeLillo; similarly, Too Much Joy spin-off band, Wonderlick, takes its name from an intentional misspelling of the name of the protagonist from Great Jones Street.
  • David Foster Wallace claimed DeLillo, and Cynthia Ozick, as two of the greatest living writers of the English language.
  • In the 2009 film The Proposal, the Canadian-born editor in chief of a New York publisher risks deportation to meet DeLillo at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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