Disclosure may refer to:

  • World disclosure, a term referring to the way that humans make sense of the world
  • Reflective disclosure, a term coined by philosopher Nikolas Kompridis
  • Full disclosure, disclosing full information about vulnerabilities
  • Disclosure widget, GUI element that is used to show or hide various child elements in the interface
  • Key disclosure law, may require individuals using cryptographic software to disclose encryption keys or decrypt data to satisfy law enforcement needs.
Arts and media
  • Disclosure (novel), a 1994 novel written by Michael Crichton
  • Disclosure (film), a 1994 film starring Michael Douglas and Demi Moore, based on the Crichton novel
  • CBC News: Disclosure, a television newsmagazine series in Canada
  • "Disclosure (Stargate SG-1)", a Season 6 episode of Stargate SG-1
  • Disclosure (album), a 2012 album by Dutch band The Gathering.
  • Disclosure (band), a UK-based garage/electronic duo.

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