Devolution - Movements Calling For Devolution

Movements Calling For Devolution

Movements calling for devolution in other areas also exist. There is a weak movement for devolution to Cornwall, with a Cornish Constitutional Convention being set up in 2001. Also in the United Kingdom, the Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP) was formed in 1998 as a direct consequence of Scotland and Wales being given devolution referenda and England being left out. The CEP is largely responsible for putting English devolution on the political and social agenda. There is very little support for an English Parliament, as England is served by the Parliament of the United Kingdom. There is a small regional devolution movement in Yorkshire as well as historic English Regions such as Wessex and Mercia although these groups command very little support and are very much on the fringe of local politics. When a devolution referendum took place in the North West Region of England, it was defeated by an overwhelming majority which stopped any other regional legislatures. There is little support for any Regional Devolution in England or an English Parliament.

In Northern Italy, there is a political movement led by the Lega Nord, for the home rule of Padania. In France, there are groups calling for devolution or full independence for Occitania, the Basque Country, Alsace, and Brittany.

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