CTR may stand for:

  • Cryptologist (Collections), Rate designator for Signals Intelligence Collections & Analyzation, United States Navy
  • Computing Tabulating Recording Company, a company that was renamed IBM in 1924
  • Center for turbulence research, a research institute at Stanford University
In business
  • Click-through rate, a measure of the success of an online advertising campaign
  • Currency transaction report, a report about transactions that the Bank Secrecy Act requires banks to file with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Contractor, commonly used in the US Federal Government, as contrasted to Employee
  • Civic Type R, a car manufactured by Honda
  • Ruf CTR, a car by Ruf Automobile of Germany
In technology and science
  • Counter mode, a mode of operation for block ciphers
  • X-ray crystal truncation rod, a technique to measure properties of crystal surfaces
In Medicine
  • Cardio-thoracic ratio
  • Clinical trials registry
  • Nunn–Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction is an initiative to secure and dismantle weapons of mass destruction and their associated infrastructure in former Soviet Union states.
  • The national rail station code for Chester railway station.
  • Competitive trail riding, an equestrian sport
  • Choose the right, a common Latter Day Saint saying, often found on a CTR ring
  • Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction, a US policy of providing support for decommissioning of Soviet weapon stockpiles
  • Control Zone, a controlled airspace zone, typically around airports
  • CTR is the ICAO airline designator for Aerolíneas Centauro, Mexico
  • Crash Team Racing, a 1999 video game for the Sony PlayStation, developed by Naughty Dog
  • A Close Target Reconnaissance, a term used by ground forces to describe scouting in extremely close proximity to the target.