Cost - Path Cost

Path Cost

Also seen as a term in networking to define the worthiness of a path, see Routing.

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Iterative Deepening Depth-first Search - Related Algorithms
... deepening is a search strategy called iterative lengthening search that works with increasing path-cost limits instead of depth-limits ... It expands nodes in the order of increasing path cost therefore the first goal it encounters is the one with the cheapest path cost ...

Famous quotes containing the words cost and/or path:

    Each is under the most sacred obligation not to squander the material committed to him, not to sap his strength in folly and vice, and to see at the least that he delivers a product worthy the labor and cost which have been expended on him.
    Anna Julia Cooper (1859–1964)

    She’s in the house.
    She’s at turn after turn.
    She’s behind me.
    She’s in front of me.
    She’s in my bed.
    She’s on path after path,
    and I’m weak from want of her.
    O heart,
    there is no reality for me
    other than she she
    she she she she
    in the whole of the reeling world.
    And philosophers talk about Oneness.
    Amaru (c. seventh century A.D.)