Coronel may refer to:

  • Coronel, Chile a port city in Chile
  • Battle of Coronel off the Chilean coast during World War I
  • The World War II German auxiliary cruiser HSK Coronel, see German night fighter direction vessel Togo
  • Older spelling of colonel
  • Coronelismo, a system of machine politics in Brazil during the Old Republic (1889-1930)
  • Antonio F. Coronel mayor of Los Angeles from 1853 to 1854.
  • Christian Coronel professional basketball player in the Philippine Basketball Association.
  • Felipe Coronel, aka Immortal Technique, a Peruvian American rapper and political activist.
  • Gregorio Nuñez Coronel Portuguese Augustinian theologian, writer, and preacher.
  • Jorge Icaza Coronel writer from Ecuador.
  • Juan Coronel Spanish Franciscan missionary.
  • Pastor Coronel chief of the Investigations Department, Paraguay.
  • Pedro Coronel Mexican abstract painter, sculptor, draughtsman, and engraver.
  • Rafael Coronel artist and painter from Mexico.
  • Sheila Coronel winner of the 2003 Magsaysay Award for Journalism.
  • Stephen Coronel guitarist.
  • Tim Coronel Dutch auto racing driver. Twin brother of Tom.
  • Tom Coronel Dutch auto racing driver. Twin brother of Tim.