Citytv (as of November 2012, City Television or City) is a Canadian English language television system owned and operated by Rogers Communications under its Rogers Broadcasting Ltd. division. The system currently consists of six owned and operated television stations located in the metropolitan areas of Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, and the province of Saskatchewan, as well as four independently owned affiliates serving Montreal as well as smaller cities in Alberta and British Columbia. It is generally considered part of the second tier of Canadian English-language broadcast television services, alongside CTV Two. The Citytv brand has also been licensed to television stations outside of Canada.

Citytv stations originally had an intensely local format based on newscasts aimed at younger viewers, nightly movies, and music and cultural programming. Moses Znaimer, who developed the original format, once described the system's philosophy by saying, "It's not the show, it's the flow". Since the late 2000s, and particularly since its acquisition by Rogers, Citytv has moved towards a series-based primetime schedule much like its competitors, albeit one still focused on younger demographics.

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