Chom Phon

Chom Phon or Field Marshal of Thailand is a military rank of Thailand in the Royal Thai Army, considered the equivalent to a Field Marshal or General of the Army (although the former is more widely used). Today it is ceremonially held by members of the Thai Royal family and exists only on paper in the actual Thai military. The Royal Thai Navy equivalent is known as Chom Phon Ruea and Chom Phon Akat for the Royal Thai Air Force.

The King of Thailand as Head of the Armed Forces is automatically made a Chom Phon upon accession, The rank was created in 1888, together with all other ranks by King Chulalongkorn, who wanted to modernize his Armed Forces through western lines. Since then all monarchs have held this title.

  • HM King Chulalongkorn the Great or Rama V
  • HM King Vajiravudh or Rama VI
  • HM King Prajadhipok or Rama VII
  • HM King Ananda Mahidol or Rama VIII
  • HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej or Rama IX

Apart from these many others both inside and outside the Royal Family has been awarded this rank.

  1. HRH Prince Bhanurangsi Savangwongse
  2. Chao Phraya Bordindeachanuchit (Mom Rajawong Arruin Chatkun)
  3. Chao Phraya Surasakmontri (Cherm Saeng-Chuto)
  4. HRH Prince Chirapravati Voradej, Prince of Nakhon Chaisi
  5. HRH Prince Chakrabongse Bhuvanath, Prince of Phitsanulok
  6. HRH Prince Paripatra Sukhumbhand, Prince of Nakhon Sawan (also attained the rank of Admiral of the Fleet or Chom Pon Rau)
  7. Plaek Pibulsonggram (Sometimes known as "Chom Pon Por")
  8. Phin Choonhavan
  9. Sarit Dhanarajata
  10. HM Queen Sirikit (consort of Bhumibol Aduyadej)
  11. Thanom Kittikachorn
  12. Praphas Charusathien
  13. Kriengkai Attanand (awarded posthumously)