When used as an adjective, Thai refers to anything that originates from Thailand. As a noun it may refer to:

  • Thai language, a Tai-Kadai language spoken mainly in and around Thailand
  • Thai people, the dominant ethnic group of Thailand
  • Thai, a month in the Tamil calendar
  • Thai, slang for cannabis mixed with tobacco, commonly smoked in a bong
  • Toe to Heel Air Injection

Thainess, or 'being Thai,' is a noun that is said to represent genuine or socially/legally acceptable qualities and characteristics of the Thai culture, its sociopolitical nature and other elements of speech, action, physical characteristics and literature that represent "genuine Thai." The term is under considerable debate in various circles with but has yet to be subject to detailed academic research. The term has its origins in the twelve cultural edicts issued by the Thai state form 1939-1942. See

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