Caution may refer to:

  • A precautionary statement describing a potential hazard
  • A police caution, an alternative to prosecution for a criminal offence in some countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia
  • A sanction taken on the field of play in Association Football by the appointed referee, signified by the showing of a Yellow card (sports)
  • La Caution, a French hip hop duo
  • The Yellow Caution Flag in automobile racing that indicates a hazardous condition and a prohibition from passing other cars
  • Caution (album), a 2002 album by Hot Water Music
  • CAUTION (Citizens against Unnecessary Thoroughfares in Older Neighborhoods), a 1970's-80's neighborhood group in Atlanta, Georgia that fought the construction of the "Presidential Parkway", today's Freedom Parkway
  • A notice entered on the register of title to land that prevents a proprietor from disposing of his land without a notice to the person who entered the caution.

Famous quotes containing the word caution:

    I cannot say to a person who suffers injustice, “Wait.” Perhaps you can. I can’t. And having decided that I cannot urge caution I must stand with him.
    Sandra “Casey” Cason (b. c. 1939)

    Have I not walked without an upward look
    Of caution under stars....
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    “... Ain’t it a caution to us not to fix
    No limits to what rose in rubbing sticks
    On fire to scare away the pterodix
    When man first lived in caves along the creeks?”
    “Marvelous world in nineteen-twenty-six.”
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)