Catalan can also refer to:

  • Catalan people
  • Catalan language
  • Països Catalans, territories where Catalan is spoken
  • The Catalans is a neighborhood of Marseilles, which had a part in Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo as a village once settled by immigrants from Catalonia.

Persons with the surname Catalan:

  • Eugène Charles Catalan, a mathematician
  • Miguel Ángel Catalán (1894–1957), Spanish spectroscopist
  • Moses Chayyim Catalan, an Italian rabbi

Companies and organizations:

  • Catalan Communications, a publisher of graphic novels during the 1980s
  • Catalan Company (or Catalan Grand Company), a mercenary free company in 14th century Europe
  • Catalan Ornithological Institute

In mathematics:

  • Catalan number, a concept in mathematics
  • Catalan solid, a concept in mathematics
  • Catalan's conjecture, a theorem conjectured in 1844 and proven in 2002
  • Catalan's constant, mathematical constant

In politics:

  • Catalan nationalism
  • Catalan separatism

Other uses:

  • Catalán (crater), a lunar crater named for Miguel Ángel Catalán
  • Catalan (game), a card game
  • Catalan Atlas, a work of cartography in the 14th century
  • Catalans Dragons, a rugby league football club
  • Catalan forge, an early type of open-hearth furnace
  • Catalan Interpunct, an orthographic symbol
  • Catalan Opening, a chess opening
  • Catalan vault, an architectural feature (also known as a Catalan arch or a Catalan turn)
  • Catalan wine, an alternative name used in France for wine made from the Carignan grape
  • Catalan (grape), another name for the wine grape Mourvèdre

Famous quotes containing the word catalan:

    God forgives the sin of gluttony.
    Catalan proverb, quoted in Colman Andrews, Catalan Cuisine.

    The table kills more people than war does.
    Catalan proverb, quoted in Colman Andrews, Catalan Cuisine.

    It’s better that it should make you sick than that you don’t eat it at all.
    Catalan proverb, quoted in Colman Andrews, Catalan Cuisine.