Carry or carrying may refer to:

  • Carry (arithmetic), when a digit is larger than a limit and the extra is moved to the left
    • Carry flag, the equivalent in calculation in a computer
  • Carrying (basketball), a rule breach in basketball
  • Carry (American football), a statistical term equivalent to a single rushing play
  • Carry (investment), a financial term: the carry of an asset is the gain or cost of holding the asset
  • Carried interest (or carry), the share of profits in an investment fund paid to the fund manager

Carry may also be:

  • Carry Back, (1958–1983) a Hall of Fame Thoroughbred racehorse
  • Carry Back Stakes, an annual American Thoroughbred horse race
  • Carry-in (potluck) or carry-out (take-out) dinner
  • Carry-le-Rouet, a commune in southern France
  • Carry look-ahead adder, a type of adder used in digital logic
  • Carry over cooking, when food retains heat and continues to cook after being removed from a heat source
  • Carry-save adder, a type of digital adder
  • Fireman's carry, a rescue technique
  • Suzuki Carry, a car
  • Carry, a track by Tori Amos on the 2011 album Night of Hunters

Famous quotes containing the word carry:

    The mountain sheep are sweeter,
    But the valley sheep are fatter;
    We therefore deemed it meeter
    To carry off the latter.
    Thomas Love Peacock (1785–1866)

    Memory ... is the diary that we all carry about with us.
    Oscar Wilde (1854–1900)

    SWEENEY: I’ll carry you off
    To a cannibal isle.
    DORIS: You’ll be the cannibal!
    SWEENEY: You’ll be the missionary!
    I’ll gobble you up. I’ll be the cannibal.
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)