Camber may refer to a variety of curvatures and angles:

  • Camber angle, the angle made by the wheels of a vehicle
  • Camber thrust in bike technology
  • In the steel industry, the concavity of rolls. Hot rolling uses positive camber (concave rolls), while cold rolling uses negative camber (convex).
  • Camber (aerodynamics), the asymmetry between the top and bottom curves of an aerofoil
  • Cant (road/rail), the convex curvature of a road surface in road construction
  • Camber beam, an upward curvature of a joist to compensate for load deflection due in buildings
  • In skiing, the curvature in the base of a ski
  • The curvature of a bow (music) used to play certain string instruments, or the curvature of the fingerboard
  • Camber (ship), a measure of transversal deck curvature in naval architecture

Camber may also refer to:

  • Camber (legendary king), legendary king of Cambria (Wales)
  • Camber Corporation, a defense contractor, an Alabama corporation location in Huntsville
  • Camber, East Sussex, a seaside village including Camber Sands beach in England
  • Camber, the former name of Mihai Bravu Commune, Tulcea County, Romania
  • Camber of Culdi, a prominent character in the fictional series of Deryni novels
  • Camber (band), an emo band from New York
  • Camber (person), the founder/producer of Small Business School, a television series on PBS-TV member stations in the USA and the Voice of America TV around the world