Bose most commonly refers to Bose (surname), a family name primarily but not exclusively associated with India.

Bose may also refer to:

  • Baise City, or Bose, a prefecture-level city in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China
  • Bose Corporation, an audio company founded by Amar G. Bose
  • Bose (crater), a lunar crater
  • Bose–Einstein condensate, a state of matter predicted by Satyendra Bose and Albert Einstein
  • Bose-Einstein statistics, a mathematical model used in quantum physics
  • Bose (film), a 2004 Tamil-language film starring Srikanth and Sneha
  • Bose Monastic Community
  • Bose, Poland

Famous quotes containing the word bose:

    Summertime, an’ the livin’ is easy.
    —Du Bose Heyward (1885–1940)

    A woman is a sometime thing.
    —Du Bose Heyward (1885–1940)