Boehm (in American English, usually pronounced "Bame") is a German surname, transliterated from Böhm. It may refer to:

  • Aleksandra Ziółkowska Boehm (born 1949), American-Polish author
  • Barry Boehm (born 1935), American software engineer
  • David Boehm (1893–1962), American screenwriter
  • Doug Boehm (born 1969), American record producer and sound engineer
  • Edward Marshall Boehm (1913–1969), American sculptor
  • Elisabet Boehm (1859–1943), German feminist and writer
  • Erhard F. Boehm (1911–1994), Australian farmer and amateur ornithologist
  • Gero von Boehm (born 1954), German journalist
  • Gottfried Boehm (born 1942), German art historian and philosopher
  • Henry Boehm (1775–1875), American clergyman and pastor
  • Jeffrey Boehm (1757–1823), British Naval Officer
  • Joseph Boehm (Sir (Joseph) Edgar Boehm, 1834–1890), Austrian sculptor
  • Martin Boehm (1725–1812), American clergyman and pastor
  • Mary Louise Boehm (1928–2002), American pianist and painter
  • Paul Boehm (born 1974), Canadian skeleton racer
  • Peter Boehm, Canadian diplomat
  • Robert Boehm (1914–2006), American political activist
  • Ron Boehm (born 1943), retired ice hockey winger
  • Roy Boehm (1924–2008), known as the "First SEAL"; established the U.S. Navy's first SEAL Team.
  • Sydney Boehm (1908–1990), American screenwriter and producer
  • Theobald Boehm (1794–1881), Bavarian inventor and musician
    • Boehm System of flute fingering
    • Boehm system (clarinet), a similar system for the clarinet
  • Theodore R. Boehm (born 1938), Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court

Famous quotes containing the word boehm:

    The first day on the new world had begun.
    —Sydney Boehm (1908–1990)