Bit Segment

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Intel 8086 - Details - Segmentation
... See also x86 memory segmentation There are also four 16-bit segment registers (see figure) that allow the 8086 CPU to access one megabyte of memory in an unusual way ... Rather than concatenating the segment register with the address register, as in most processors whose address space exceeded their register size, the 8086 shifts the 16-bit segment only four bits left before ... The 16-byte separation between segment bases (due to the 4-bit shift) is called a paragraph ...
X86 Memory Segmentation - Protected Mode - Detailed Segmentation Unit Workflow
... A logical address consists of a 16-bit segment selector (supplying 13+1 address bits) and a 16-bit offset ... The segment selector must be located in one of the segment registers ... That selector consists of a 2-bit Requested Privilege Level (RPL), a 1-bit Table Indicator (TI), and a 13-bit index ...

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