Bischoff is a surname and it may refer to:

  • Amaury Bischoff, French-Portuguese footballer
  • Robert "Bob" (J.) Bischoff, a Democratic member of the Indiana House of Representatives
  • Cinder & Jeffrey Bischoff
  • David (F.) Bischoff (Born 1951), an US science fiction and television writer. Born in Washington D.C. and now living in Eugene, Oregon
  • Eduard Hagenbach-Bischoff (1833–1910), Swiss physicist and electoral reformer
  • Elmer (Nelson) Bischoff (1916 - 1991), a visual artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bischoff, along with Richard
  • Eric Bischoff, U.S. pro wrestling announcer, former WWE Raw GM, and former President of World Championship Wrestling (WCW)
  • Franz Bischoff (1864-1929), an US artist
  • Garrett Bischoff, U.S. pro wrestling referee
  • Gottlieb Wilhelm Bischoff (1797–1854), German botanist
  • Hans Bischoff (1889 - 1960), a German entomologist
  • Hermann Bischoff (1868–1936), German composer
  • John Bischoff, baseball player
  • John Bischoff, computer musician
  • John W. Bischoff (1850, Chicago - 1909, Washington DC), a blind musician and composer
  • Karl Bischoff, German Nazi functionary
  • Loree (Elaine) Bischoff (born 1961), the wife of Eric Bischoff
  • Mikkel Bischoff, footballer
  • Samuel Bischoff (1890 - 1975), an American film producer who was responsible for more than 400 full-length
  • Steve R. Bischoff (1978-), an American molecular geneticist with expertise in genomic imprinting and dedifferentiation
  • Suzanne Bischoff van Heemskerck (born 1950, The Hague), a Dutch politician
  • Sir Winfried "Win" Bischoff, financier, chairman of Citigroup
  • Theodor Ludwig Wilhelm von Bischoff (1807- 1882), a German biologist

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