Bambino is Italian for "little boy". The feminine is bambina. It can refer to:

  • Il Bambino, name given in art to the image of the infant Jesus
  • Bambino (grape), another name for the Italian wine grape Bombino bianco
  • Bambino!, Japanese manga
  • "Bambino" (Dalida song)
  • "Bambino (Napoli Lullaby)", a song recorded by The Springfields
  • "Bambina", a song included in Nue (Lara Fabian album)
  • The Bambino, nickname of baseball legend Babe Ruth
  • Bambino, Bud Spencer's character in the film They Call Me Trinity
    • the same character in the sequel Trinity Is Still My Name
  • Bambino (singer), Miguel Vargas Jiménez (1940–1999), Spanish singer
  • Bambino (cat), a cross breed cat
  • Bambini, 1951 Italian film
  • The Fiat 500, known in Australia as "Bambino"
  • Italian wine grape Cesanese Comune
  • "Bambina," the nickname Debito has given to Felicita in the anime La storia della Arcana Famiglia