Anselm may refer to any of several historical figures, or their works:

  • Saint Anselm, Duke of Friuli, 8th-century Abbot of Nonantula
  • Anselm of Farfa (died 883), abbot
  • Anselm II (Archbishop of Milan) (died 896)
  • Anselm of Li├Ęge (1008-1056), chronicler
  • Anselm III (Archbishop of Milan) (died 1093)
  • Saint Anselm of Lucca (c.1036 - 1086)
  • Anselm IV (Archbishop of Milan) (died 1101)
  • Saint Anselm of Canterbury (c.1033 - 1109), Archbishop of Canterbury, philosopher and theologian,
    • or his ontological argument for the existence of God
  • Anselm of Laon (died 1117), Medieval theologian
  • Anselm V (Archbishop of Milan) (died 1136)
  • Anselm of St Saba (died 1148), Bishop of London
  • Anselm of Havelberg (c.1100-1158), German papal legate
  • Anselm Feuerbach (1829-1880), German painter
  • Anselm Kiefer (born 1945), German painter and sculptor
  • Saint Anselm College, a nationally ranked liberal arts college in the United States