American Samoa - Demographics


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Historical populations
Census Pop.
1970 27,159
1980 32,297 18.9%
1990 46,773 44.8%
2000 57,291 22.5%
2010 55,519 −3.1%

The population of American Samoa stands at about 55,519 people, 95% of whom live on the largest island, Tutuila.

Of the population, 91.6 percent are native Samoans, 2.8% are Asian, 1.1% are Caucasian, 4.2% are Mixed, and 0.3% are of other origin. Samoan, a language closely related to Hawaiian and other Polynesian languages, is spoken by 90.6 percent of the people, while 2.9% speak English, 2.4% speak Tongan, 2.1% speak other languages, and 2% speak other Pacific islander languages, with most people being bilingual. American Samoa is largely Christian (50% Christian Congregationalist, 20% Roman Catholic, 30% Protestant and other).

American Samoa is small enough to have just one ZIP code, 96799, and uses the U.S. Postal Service (state code "AS") for mail delivery. The island contains 23 primary schools and 10 secondary schools, 5 are operated by the American Samoa Department of Education. and the other 5 are administered by either religious denominations or privately owned. American Samoa Community College, founded in 1970, provides post-secondary education on the islands.

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