Yorktown may refer to:

  • Yorktown, Virginia
    • Siege of Yorktown, a decisive battle of the American Revolutionary War
    • Siege of Yorktown (1862), a battle that was part of the Peninsula Campaign of the American Civil War
    • Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, U.S. Navy facility
  • Yorktown, Illinois
  • Yorktown, Indiana
  • Yorktown, Iowa
  • Yorktown, New Jersey
  • Yorktown, New York
  • Yorktown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a neighborhood of the city
  • Yorktown, Texas
  • The USS Yorktown, several warships of the U.S. Navy, including two aircraft carriers and a guided-missile cruiser of the 20th Century

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Mike Kaplowitz - Political Career and Background
... and Crompond, Jefferson Valley, Kichtawan and Yorktown Heights in the town of Yorktown ... He ultimately won a razor-thin 35 vote victory over RoseMarie Panio, who was the Yorktown GOP chairwoman ...
Concord Supplies
... Reick (March 18, 1909) as Formfoto Manufacturing (later renamed Yorktown Industries, Inc.) ... She would remain a vital contributor to Yorktown as an administrative assistant until her retirement in 2006 ... Twelve years later, he bought a minority stake of Yorktown Industries (a copier supplies and distribution organization) ...
Max Leslie - Military Career - Battle of Midway
... Leslie was in command of VB-3, operating off USS Yorktown during Midway ... air patrol had been drawn down to the deck to repel Yorktown's torpedo bombers, and at the moment of the First Air Fleet's maximum vulnerability ... Attacking nearly simultaneously with McClusky's SBDs,Yorktown's VB-3, led by Leslie, inflicted heavy damage on Sōryū, and she also sank that evening ...
George Washington In The American Revolution - Yorktown - Siege and Victory
... set the stage for the encirclement of Cornwallis at Yorktown ... Upon his arrival at Yorktown Washington had command of 5,700 Continentals, 3,200 militia and 7,800 French regulars ... On September 28 the Franco-American army blockaded Yorktown, and began digging siege trenches on October 6 ...
Louis-Philippe De Vaudreuil - American Revolutionary War Service - Yorktown
... Vaudreuil's contribution to this effort was to provide the cavalry of Duke of Lauzun, a foreign legion that was a mixed lot of Russian, Slavic, Polish and German mercenaries in the service of France ... He also provided 800 men from his ship to Gloucester Point in defence of a peninsula near Yorktown ...