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Battle Of Midway - Battle - Attacks On The Japanese Fleet
... The Americans had already launched their carrier aircraft against the Japanese ... the early morning, ordered Spruance to launch against the Japanese as soon as was practical, while initially holding Yorktown in reserve should there be any other Japanese carriers discovered. 0700 before the first plane was able to depart from Spruance's carriers, Enterprise and Hornet ...
Battle Of The Santa Cruz Islands - Battle - Carrier Action On 26 October: First Strikes
... At 0250 on 26 October, the Japanese naval forces reversed direction and the naval forces of the two adversaries closed the distance until they were ... Although a radar-equipped PBY Catalina sighted the Japanese carriers at 0310, the report did not reach Kinkaid until 0512 ... Therefore, believing that the Japanese ships had probably changed position during the intervening two hours, he decided to withhold launching a strike force until he received more current information on the location ...
C. Wade Mc Clusky - Battle of Midway
1942, he made the critical tactical decision that led to the sinking of two of Japan's fleet carriers, Kaga, and Akagi ... When McClusky could not find the Japanese carriers where he expected them, and with his air group's fuel running dangerously low, he spotted the Japanese destroyer Arashi ... attack the USS Nautilus, which had been harassing the Japanese fleet.) Taking the Arashi's heading led him directly to the enemy carriers ...
Battle Of The Coral Sea - Battle - Carrier Battle, Second Day - Attack On The Japanese Carriers
140–230° south and out to 250 nmi (290 mi 460 km) from the Japanese carriers ... At 0700, the carrier striking force turned to the southwest and was joined by two of Gotō's cruisers, Kinugasa and Furutaka, for additional screening support ... (46 mi 74 km) east of Woodlark Island to await the outcome of the carrier battle ...
Japanese Destroyer Arashi - Service - Midway
... The Japanese Destroyer Arashi is most famous for its involvement in the Battle of Midway in which it stalked USS Nautilus ... The Destroyer was alerted to the presence of Nautilus when a Japanese Zero Fighter dived and fired machine guns on the Nautilus when it attempted to rise to periscope depth ... The Japanese Task force changed course but the Arashi continued to stalk Nautilus ...

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