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The Galactic year is the time it takes Earth's solar system to revolve once around the galactic center. It comprises roughly 230 million Earth years.

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List Of Unusual Units Of Measurement - Time - Galactic Year
... The most common large-scale time scale is millions of years (megaannum or Ma) ... as a measure the time it takes for the solar system to revolve once around the galactic core (GY - not to be confused with Gyr for gigayear), approximately 250 Ma ...
Timeline of Universe's and Earth's History in Galactic Years
... The following list assumes that 1 galactic year is approximately 225 million years ... about 60 galactic years ago Big Bang about 59 galactic years ago Birth of the Milky Way 20 galactic years ago Birth of the Sun 16 galactic years ago Oceans ...

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