Wolin (Pomeranian Wòlin, German: Wollin) is the name both of an island in the Baltic Sea, just off the Polish coast, and a town on that island. It is separated from the island of Usedom by the Świna river, and from mainland Pomerania by the Dziwna river. The origins of the name are unknown, although it is likely of Slavic origin. In the old Slavic language the word "wolyn" meant a wetland, and over time, it was Germanised.

Water from the river Oder (Polish: Odra) flows into the Szczecin Lagoon and from there through the Peene west of Usedom, Świna and Dziwna into the Bay of Pomerania in the Baltic Sea.

  • Area: 265 km²
  • Highest point: Mount Grzywacz, 116 m above sea level

Most of the island consists of forests and postglacial hills. In the middle is the Wolin National Park. The island is a main tourist attraction of northwestern Poland, and it is crossed by several specially marked tourist trails, such as 73-kilometer long trail from Międzyzdroje to Dziwnówek. There is a main, electrified rail line, which connects Szczecin and Świnoujście, also across the island goes an international road E65 (national road 3 / S3 expressway), which crosses Europe from north to south.

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