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Jet - Other Uses
... jet black, a shade of the color black Jet of Iada, a Dickin Medal-winning dog. ...
The Beachcombers - Filming Locations
... There were two jet boats used by the character Relic ... She did reappear for a episode called "Jet Boat Gemini" in 1974 ... logs and hassling local residents until Relic saved the day at the end in a duel of jet boats ...
Tron 2.0 - Plot
... The story is centered around Alan's son Jethro ("Jet") Bradley ... After talking with his father who is kidnapped while on the phone with Jet, Jet is digitized by Ma3a, Alan's AI computer system, to aid her against Thorne, an ... Jet is mistakenly identified as the source of the corruption and captured by Kernel, the systems security control program ...
Boeing Business Jet
... The Boeing Business Jet series are variants of Boeing airliners for the corporate jet market, initially the 737 series airliners ... The Boeing Business Jet is a 50/50 partnership between Boeing Commercial Airplanes and General Electric ...
FAI Rent-a-jet
... FAI rent-a-jet AG (Flight Ambulance International) is an airline based in Germany ... It operates executive jet charter and air ambulance services, as well as aircraft leasing and management services ... FAI operates five jet aircraft from its Nuremberg base for air ambulance and executive jet services ...

More definitions of "jet":

  • (noun): A hard black form of lignite that takes a brilliant polish and is used in jewellery or ornamentation.
  • (verb): Fly a jet plane.
  • (noun): An artificially produced flow of water.
    Synonyms: fountain
  • (verb): Issue in a jet; come out in a jet; stream or spring forth.
    Synonyms: gush
  • (noun): The occurrence of a sudden discharge (as of liquid).
    Synonyms: squirt, spurt, spirt

Famous quotes containing the word jet:

    I cannot beat off
    Invincible modes of the sea, hearing:
    Be a man my son by God.
    He turned again
    To the purring jet yellowing the murder story,
    Deaf to the pathos circling in the air.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    But every jet of chaos which threatens to exterminate us is convertible by intellect into wholesome force. Fate is unpenetrated causes.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Gimme the Plaza, the jet and $150 million, too.
    Headline, New York Post (Feb. 13, 1990)