Upper House

An upper house, often called a senate, is one of two chambers of a bicameral legislature, the other chamber being the lower house; a legislature composed of only one house is described as unicameral.

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Federal Zionism - Upper House
... At the national level, the result would likely be the creation of an upper house of elected representatives of either the first-level subdivisions of Israel or of ...
Titles of Upper Houses - Unique Titles
... House of Lords – Seen only in the United Kingdom, previously in Ireland and Prussia Chambre des Pairs (Chamber of Peers) – France under the Bourbon Restoration Rajya Sabha (Council of the States) – India ... Council) – Egypt Regional Representative Council (Dewan Perwakilan Daerah) – Indonesia House of Councillors (Japanese 参議院, Sangi-in) – Japan National Council – Slovenia also the title of the lower ... National Council of Provinces – South Africa House of Peoples – Bosnia and Herzegovina ...
South Australian State Election, 2010 - Results - Upper House
... of the South Australian state election, 2010#Upper house Legislative Council (STV GV) — Turnout 92.9% (CV) — Informal 5.8% Party Votes % Swing Seats Won Total Seats Change Liberal Party of ... This gives an upper house composition of eight Labor, seven Liberal, two Greens, two Family First, two independent No Pokies, and one Dignity for Disability ...
South Australian State Election, 2010
... All seats in the House of Assembly or lower house, whose current members were elected at the 2006 election, and half the seats in the Legislative ... In the upper house, both major parties won four seats each, with the last three to the SA Greens, Family First, and Dignity for Disability ... The composition of the upper house therefore became eight Labor, seven Liberal, two Green, two Family First, two independent No Pokies, and one Dignity for Disability ...
Superior Saturday - Plot
... irrevocably turning into an immortal Denizen of the House ... Seeing no other choice, he returns to the Lower House (leaving his friend Leaf to deal with Lady Fridays' Sleepers) to find it empty and on the verge of ... in Lady Friday) has deliberately destroyed the Lower House and Far Reaches to stunt the growth of the Drasil trees that lift Sunday's realm higher than ...

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    Diane Arbus (1923–1971)

    But that beginning was wiped out in fear
    The day I swung suspended with the grapes,
    And was come after like Eurydice
    And brought down safely from the upper regions;
    And the life I live now’s an extra life
    I can waste as I please on whom I please.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)