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Autonomous Unit Status

During its 1,260th meeting on September 24, 2010, the U.P. Board of Regents approved the proposal for the elevation of the U.P. Visayas Cebu College to an autonomous unit under the Office of the U.P. President. This gave U.P. Cebu "more freedom and flexibility to prepare for a constituent university status in the next five (5) to seven (7) years."

During this transition, U.P. Cebu was tasked to focus on the following 10-point agenda:

  1. Formulate strategic directions for U.P. Cebu focusing on its role as an institution of higher learning in the region within the framework of the U.P. System
  2. Formulate a desired faculty development profile including strategies for achieving the profile
  3. Tighten faculty recruitment policies and procedures consistent with the desired faculty development profile
  4. Improve the quality of undergraduate programs, at the same time emphasize quality graduate education
  5. Formulate mid- and long-term research agenda that will lead to a strong research culture in U.P. Cebu
  6. Nurture an IT culture in U.P. Cebu
  7. Create and develop a program to promote the cultural heritage of the region
  8. Formulate resource generation framework and program specifying strategies and mechanisms for sustainable fund-raising and income generation
  9. Formulate physical campus development program
  10. Undertake all the above activities under and autonomous set-up of the U.P. System

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