SWP may stand for:

  • California State Water Project
  • Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
  • Scientific Workplace, a mathematics tool with LaTeX support
  • Shaun Wright-Phillips, an English international association football player, currently playing for Queens Park Rangers
  • Sherwin-Williams Paints
  • Single Wire Protocol
  • Siemens Wind Power
  • Skill With Prizes, a particular category of slot machine
  • Sliding window Protocol
  • Socialist Workers Party (disambiguation), a number of similarly named political parties
  • Somerset Waste Partnership, the group respnsible for recycling and rubbish collection in the county of Somerset, England
  • South West Pacific, one of the sub-areas of the IATA area 3 or Traffic Conference Area 3
  • Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad
  • Sterile Water Papule, a method of pain relief in labour
  • Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik - German institute for international and security affairs

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... SWP has had difficult times ... This put SWP in a difficult financial crisis ... and OSS business might not generate enough revenue to keep SWP going ...
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... She joined the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party (SWP) that year ... In 1946, she moved to the Pacific Northwest to help build the SWP's Seattle branch ... The SWP, however, was supporting the Nation of Islam ...
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... A dissident tendency had begun to crystallize within the SWPs Michigan/Ohio District around 1948-1949 led by Bert Cochran ... It included the SWP fractions within the UAW locals in Flint and Detroit, Michigan, as well as Toledo and Cleveland, Ohio the fractions in the United Rubber Workers in Akron, led by ... beginning to have grave doubts about the sectarian nature of the SWP, and felt that the concepts of democratic centralism and the vanguard party were out of place in the context of the United ...
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... to Ireland, where he is active in the Irish SWP ... He is noted for writing a bulletin headed "Democracy in the SWP", which argued that, though the SWP is democratic, it needs to be more so, prompting the ...