• (noun): A political advocate of socialism.
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Some articles on socialist:

Workers' Socialist Federation
... renamed itself again, this time as the Workers' Socialist Federation ... It also began working with the South Wales Socialist Society (SWSS) and the London Workers' Committee ... with the largest far left group in the country, the British Socialist Party (BSP) ...
Revolutionary Democratic Group
... They were founded in the early 1980s as a split from London and Scottish branches of the Socialist Workers Party, of which, for many years, they considered themselves ... has consistently sought alliances with other socialist groups, with the aim of forming a larger, democratic socialist party ... For example, they began working with the Socialist Federation in 1984 ...
Kader Arif - Career
1995–1999) University manager (1999–2001) First federal secretary, Haute-Garonne Socialist Party (1999-2008) Member of the Socialist Party national bureau (since 2000) Socialist Party ...
Respect Party - Electoral Performance
... supporters who felt Blair had moved the party too far to the right and away from core socialist beliefs ... as SWP member Michael Lavalette was elected as a Socialist Alliance candidate in 2003, but subsequently voted with the majority of the SWP to wind down the Socialist Alliance in favour of the newly formed party, who ...
Chinese Literature - Modern Literature - Maoist Era (1949–1976)
... Socialist realism became the uniform style ... increased its insistence on the use of socialist realism and combined with it so-called revolutionary realism and revolutionary romanticism ... long as it was accomplished with the desired socialist revolutionary realism ...

More definitions of "socialist":

  • (adj): Of or relating to or promoting or practicing socialism.
    Example: "Socialist theory"; "socialist realism"
    Synonyms: socialistic
  • (adj): Advocating or following the socialist principles.
    Synonyms: socialistic

Famous quotes containing the word socialist:

    I nearly always find, when I ask a vegetarian if he is a socialist, or a socialist if he is a vegetarian, that the answer is in the affirmative.
    Katharine Fullerton Gerould (1879–1944)

    Men conceive themselves as morally superior to those with whom they differ in opinion. A Socialist who thinks that the opinions of Mr. Gladstone on Socialism are unsound and his own sound, is within his rights; but a Socialist who thinks that his opinions are virtuous and Mr. Gladstone’s vicious, violates the first rule of morals and manners in a Democratic country; namely, that you must not treat your political opponent as a moral delinquent.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)

    One is a socialist because one used to be one, no longer going to demonstrations, attending meetings, sending in one’s dues, in short, without paying.
    Michel de Certeau (1925–1986)