Stimulation is the action of various agents (stimuli) on nerves, muscles, or a sensory end organ, by which activity is evoked; especially, the nervous impulse produced by various agents on nerves, or a sensory end organ, by which the part connected with the nerve is thrown into a state of activity.

The word is also often used metaphorically. For example, an interesting or fun activity can be described as "stimulating", regardless of its physical effects on nerves.

Stimulation is used in the petroleum industry to describe activities that improve the production of wells. This often includes the pumping of reactive fluids such as hydrochloric acid to remove or bypass damaged rock. Hydraulic fracturing is an extreme example of well stimulation.

It is also used in simulation technology to describe a synthetically produced signal that triggers (stimulates) real equipment, see below.

(Note)Stimulate means act as stimulus to, stimulus means things that rouses to activity, now rouses means exciting, stirring.

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Well Stimulation
... In the petroleum industry, stimulation (sometimes called "well stimulation", or "formation stimulation") is any action on the hydrocarbon producing formation or wellbore that increases the production rate ... Hydraulic fracturing is an extreme form of stimulation, where the rock is broken open by the application of high pressure and a crack forms ...
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Famous quotes containing the word stimulation:

    The lore of our fathers is a fabric of sentences. In our hands it develops and changes, through more or less arbitrary and deliberate revisions and additions of our own, more or less directly occasioned by the continuing stimulation of our sense organs. It is a pale gray lore, black with fact and white with convention. But I have found no substantial reasons for concluding that there are any quite black threads in it, or any white ones.
    Willard Van Orman Quine (b. 1908)

    [Girls] study under the paralyzing idea that their acquirements cannot be brought into practical use. They may subserve the purposes of promoting individual domestic pleasure and social enjoyment in conversation, but what are they in comparison with the grand stimulation of independence and self- reliance, of the capability of contributing to the comfort and happiness of those whom they love as their own souls?
    Sarah M. Grimke (1792–1873)