• (adj): Marked or dyed or discolored with foreign matter.
    Example: "A badly stained tablecloth"; "tear-stained cheeks"
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St. John's Roman Catholic Church (Cambridge, Massachusetts) - Architecture - Interior and Stained Glass Windows
... The stained glass windows in the side walls imitate the subdued colors in the windows of sun-drenched Italy rather than those in France and Germany, where the days are darker ... The beautiful high altar sits under a gorgeous stained glass window depicting the Crucifixion ...
Munich-style Stained Glass
... Munich-style stained glass was produced in the Royal Bavarian Stained Glass Manufactory, Munich, in the mid-19th century ... the first time in Continental Europe the revival of the art of stained glass and established in 1827 the “Königliche Glasmalereianstalt” / “Royal Stained Glass ... Frank, Max Emanuel Ainmiller and Heinrich Maria Hess were entrusted by the King to bring stained glass back to life ...
Stained-glass Ceiling
... The stained-glass ceiling is a sociological phenomenon in religious communities similar to the concept of the "glass ceiling." This concept revolves around the apparent difficulty for women who seek to gain ... The use of the term "stained-glass ceiling" is metaphorical, indicating a certain level of power or authority within church structures that women tend not to rise above within church hierarchies ... The stained-glass ceiling is a particular aspect of a broader trend of gender segregation and discrimination in religious communities, by use defined social ...
St Cyprian's Church, Hay Mills - Stained Glass
... Inside, a set of excellent stained glass windows ... of good-quality, intact and an extensive scheme of stained glass, designed by Hardman Co ... who were also responsible for the stained glass in the Houses of Parliament ...
St Andrew's Garrison Church, Aldershot - Monuments - Stained Glass
... The rest of St Andrew’s stained glass was commissioned for the church ... There is a large stained glass window in the apse of the church to the memory of Field-Marshal, Earl Haig as well as glass commemorating the Cameron ... Additionally a number of stained glass windows have been given in memory of individual members of the congregation ...

More definitions of "stained":

  • (adj): Having a coating of stain or varnish.
    Synonyms: varnished

Famous quotes containing the word stained:

    A saint about to fall,
    The stained flats of heaven hit and razed
    To the kissed kite hems of his shawl....
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)

    Near vermillion one gets stained red; near ink one gets stained black.
    Chinese proverb.

    The stained unsightly breath
    Of carious death.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)