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ISS - Station Operations - Repairs
2007, following the relocation of the P6 truss and solar arrays, it was noted during the redeployment of the array that it had become torn and was not deploying properly ... to reduce the risk of electric shock, as the repairs were carried out with the solar array exposed to sunlight ... The issues with the array were followed in the same year by problems with the starboard Solar Alpha Rotary Joint (SARJ), which rotates the arrays on the starboard side of the station ...
Solar Car - Solar Array
... The solar array consists of hundreds of photovoltaic solar cells converting sunlight into electricity ... In order to construct an array, PV cells are placed together to form modules which are placed together to form an array ... The larger arrays in use can produce over 2 kilowatts (2.6 hp) ...
Vladimir Dezhurov - Cosmonaut Career - Spacewalks
... of the Spektr module and prepared to move Kristall's solar panel ... They moved the solar array to the Kvant-1 module ... On May 22, Dezhurov and Strekalov installed the solar array on Kvant-1 and stowed Kristall's other solar array ...
Starmad - STARMAD Software Structure - Spacecraft Subsystems Design
... volume, area and moments of inertia of S/C body and solar array ... Power subsystem sizing, which is subdivided into 3 sections - Solar array - Secondary battery - Other primary sources to calculate solar array mass and ... control to perform analyses on the spacecraft body and solar array ...
Solar Car Racing - Vehicle Design - Solar Array
... The solar array consists of hundreds (or thousands) of photovoltaic solar cells converting sunlight into electricity ... Cars can use a variety of solar cell technologies most often polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon, or gallium arsenide ... Designing a solar array is more than just stringing a bunch of cells together ...

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