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Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
... Touhou Hisouten ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody ... (東方緋想天 〜 Scarlet Weather Rhapsody ... Eastern Skies of Scarlet Perceptions?) is the second versus fighting game in the Touhou Project, and is the spiritual successor to Immaterial and Missing Power by ...
Loaded Deck - Track Listing
... "Give It to Me Anyway" Frehley, Richie Scarlet, Arthur Stead Richie Scarlet 416 3 ... "Shot Full of Rock" Frehley, Scarlet Frehley 446 6 ...
Scarlet - Fictional Characters
... Scarlet, a black horse with red highlights from the Horseland television series Captain Scarlet (character), a main character of British children's puppet animation of the same name Erza Scarlet, a character from ... Scarlet, a 1940s comic book superhero Remilia Scarlet and Flandre Scarlet, characters from the Touhou Project Will Scarlet, one of Robin Hood's Merry Men Skarlet, a character in the ...
Scarlet Ortiz
... Scarlet Ortiz (born Hevis Scarlet Ortiz Pacheco in Caracas, Venezuela in March 12, 1974) is a Venezuelan actress ... In 2012, Scarlet made her debut as a theater actress in the stage play Las Quiero a las dos in Miami where she played the role of a married man's mistress ...
Scarlett (given Name)
... Scarlett or Scarlet is a feminine name derived from an English surname with an occupational meaning, referring to a person who sold cloth of scarlet ... associations with the bright red color scarlet and, indirectly, with the Biblical scarlet woman and Nathaniel Hawthorne's 1850 novel The Scarlet Letter, in ...

Famous quotes containing the word scarlet:

    If a child were kept in a place where he never saw any other but black and white till he were a man, he would have no more ideas of scarlet or green, than he that from his childhood never tasted an oyster, or a pineapple, has of those particular relishes.
    John Locke (1632–1704)

    when I see the beauty of your face,
    Ye been so scarlet red about your eyen,
    It maketh all my dreade for to dyen;
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?–1400)

    Along the avenue of cypresses,
    All in their scarlet cloaks and surplices
    Of linen, go the chanting choristers,
    The priests in gold and black, the villagers. . . .
    —D.H. (David Herbert)