Simon is a common name, from Hebrew meaning "He who has heard/hears ".

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Simon - Other
... Simon (cat), a ship's cat who was awarded the Dickin Medal Simon Property Group Simon says (children's game) La Maison Simons, a Quebec department store Simon Schuster, publisher ┼×imon (Hungarian ...
Simon George
... Simon George (born in Huddersfield) is an English professional rugby league footballer of the 2000s, playing at club level for Newsome Panthers, and Huddersfield Giants ... A promising forward, Simon was rewarded with a full-time contract with the Huddersfield Giants for the 2006 season ... Unfortunately Simon suffered a bad knee injury that has seen him unable to play for most of his time a full-time professional ...
Claude Simon - Style and Influences
... Simon is often identified with the nouveau roman movement exemplified in the works of Alain Robbe-Grillet and Michel Butor, and while his fragmented narratives ... In fact, Simon arguably has much more in common with his Modernist predecessors than with his contemporaries in particular, the works of Marcel ... Simon's use of self-consciously long sentences (often stretching across many pages and with parentheses sometimes interrupting a clause which is only completed pages later) can be seen to ...

Famous quotes containing the word simon:

    Food=joy ... guilt ... anger ... pain ... nurturing ... friendship ... hatred ... the way you look and feel.... Food=everything you can imagine.
    Susan Powter, U.S. talk-show host. Food, p. 15, Simon & Schuster (1995)

    Stevenson had noble ideas—as did the young Franklin for that matter. But Stevenson felt that the way to implement them was to present himself as a thoughtful idealist and wait for the world to flock to him. He considered it below him, or wrong, to scramble out among the people and ask them what they wanted. Roosevelt grappled voters to him. Stevenson shied off from them. Some thought him too pure to desire power, though he showed ambition when it mattered.
    Garry Wills, U.S. historian. Certain Trumpets: The Call of Leaders, ch. 9, Simon & Schuster (1994)

    And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson
    Jesus loves you more than you will know.
    God bless you please, Mrs. Robinson
    Heaven holds a place for those who pray.
    —Paul Simon (b. 1941)